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Warranty & shipping

Warranty:  The nature of using wood and reclaimed wood often means that small cosmetic defects are often present.  The wood is heavily aged and seasoned to reduce: Cracking, shrinkage, warping, and splitting.  Each piece of wood goes thru an extensive milling process of: Reclaiming, Planing, Sanding, Jointing, and cutting.  The wood then sits in our humidity controlled environment for a period of time before being selected for a project to help eliminate any natural twisting or cracking that occur.

Each piece is a "One Off" model. We do not build generic product runs and know two products are ever the same.  This is part of the appeal of our boards, as it truly is a unique piece just for you!

Due to our custom handcrafting process, we do not except returns or provide refunds.  If there was damage due to shipping please contact us and we will contact the shipping carrier and resolve your issue.

Power supplies are supplied as new from a 3rd party vendor.  At this time we will warranty and replace any power supply for up to 30 days.  After 30 days you may be eligible for an RMA thru Donner.  Please contact us if you have questions or an issue with your power supply.

Shipping:  Hey, you want free shipping?  You got it!  Every product we make includes shipping to you for free!  (Okay, it really isn't free, it is already added as a flat rate into the product price).  Our laziness of not having exact ship to pricing, means we offer free shipping with every purchase and at a reduce rate of actual shipping cost.

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