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Why Hang Your Beautiful Guitar On A Cold Ugly Stand?  It Deserves Elegance.  Introducing the Savoir Faire Guitar Stand.


Handcrafted and milled in house using various species of wood:  The #001 is made up of:  American Black Walnut, Aromatic Red Cedar, & Sugar Maple.  Black Walnut was processed using traditional method of steam to bring out dark pigments in main body of the stand.  Floor mount is shaped in a classic boomerang and Walnut was partially steamed to allow for the Walnut to remain a more natural look, adding to the tonality.

Hand built from solid species of wood and finished by hand with 600 grit sanding.  Finished and sealed with semi-gloss Polyurethane to add a warm finish.


All wood has cured for an extensive period of time over several years which means the wood is stable.

Each stand is 100% unique and created with varying wood patterns.  This is #001 in the line and will be a limited run.  

Build date:  January 2022

*Price includes shipping to the Continental United States.  For local sales in:  Grand Traverse & Leelanau County, item will be hand delivered.  Local delivery without shipping will discount price by $49.99 ($210.00 locally delivered).  For Local Delivery:  use coupon code at checkout:  Local


Savoir Faire Guitar Stand#001

SKU: #001
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